m/Other m/Other is a duet for mother and son. The dance is simple and challenging: together naked we touch each other and try to “not-feel”. The duration of the dance is the length of a symphony. We hope the work stages many values and questions: The importance of time as a substance, the value of an aged body on stage, the psychic capability to hold one another. Most basically it is an opportunity for a mother and a son to give each other time and attention.

how we think we are doing...

Son and mother dance together engaging a practice of touching without feeling. This dance is a research towards the reconstruction of the corporeal conditions of pre-birth: mother and son touch in a dark space towards a communicative touch that might pre-exist linguistic impositions on togetherness.

                    ⏁⏃⏈⏊⎸                   ⏀                                                 ⏅⏀⏅⎿⏇           ⏈⏊├⎿

there is another document, a “proposition” for the work, from James Oscar available here.

Gabby and Benjamin Kamino, mother and son, both maintain separate careers as dancers and choreographers living and working between Toronto and Montreal, Canada. Gabby has been working professionally since the 70s; Benjamin since 2004. Although the great distance between their independant styles of work very rarely they can agree on things.

all photos were captured by Frédéric Chais. Produced by TANGENTE: laboratoire mouvements contemporains [Montreal].