m/Other began as a prologue to the stage work m/Other + dark meaningless touch (made with Christopher Willes, Amanda Acorn, Robert Abubo, Ellen Furey, and Simon Portigal).  It now inhabits it’s own life as a duet for mother and son.

how we think we are doing...

Son and mother dance together engaging a practice of touching without feeling. This dance is a research towards the reconstruction of the corporeal conditions of pre-birth: mother and son touch in a dark space towards a communicative touch that might pre-exist linguistic impositions on togetherness.

                    ⏁⏃⏈⏊⎸                   ⏀                                                 ⏅⏀⏅⎿⏇           ⏈⏊├⎿

there is another document, a “proposition” for the work, from James Oscar available here.

Made and performed by Benjamin & Gabby Kamino.

Original scenography by Paul Chambers, Jesse Orr, Timothy Rodriguez, and Christopher Willes.

Special thanks to the work of Bracha L. Ettinger, Ame Henderson, Tim Kamino, Romy Lightman, Michael Trent, LUFF art + dialogue, Long Winter, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

all photos were captured by Frédéric Chais. Produced by TANGENTE: laboratoire mouvements contemporains [Montreal].