I made these things while thinking of Mary Sue Ader and her prolonged wait and enduring hope.

Also, I was thinking of physical and psychic resonance, emotionality, rise, and carriance.


My choreographic-sculpture work series entitled chute reverses the vector direction of Bas Jan’s early performance/photographic series fall from the body that falls eagerly toward the earth, or canal (or death) to an upward vector against gravity. It hopes to replicate the deep faith Mary Sue Ader carried for her husband’s return after being lost at sea while performing part 2 of In Search of the Miraculous. The primary object of chute, a large sheet of paper, projects itself upward using a series of fans (the forces of air, breath, and life) in defiance of the eternal force of gravity’s downward pull. This constant downward force to which Bas Jan surrendered is resisted and partially defied in chute. Mary Sue is of course unable to fully defy the ultimate truth of dying, however her faith in life resists the surrender undertaken by her husband — resistance suspends her belief of her husband’s passing, resistance suspends her body in waiting upon the shores.