Benjamin Kamino is a dancer. Active touring works include a solo-dance, Nudity. Desire, and a duet, m/Other. Most recently, Kamino has been working with Lars Jan, Clara Furey, Virgil Baruchal, and Peggy Baker Dance Projects. As a teacher Kamino hosts classes on dance technique, composition, and further study towards other radical and experimental perspectives on dance, choreography and performance. Kamino was one of the inaugural curators at Dancemakers (Toronto) alongside Emi Forster. He is the 2016 recipient of the TAF Emerging Artist Award.

Kamino is a dancer. (full stop). he is studying choreography as an other place — foreign to his practice of dancing. It is maybe important to note here that he is Canadian and thereby speaks with an accent.

what is dance?

[speculation]… dance is a substance, a material, from which other stuff can be formed, folded, manipulated, or transmuted unto otherness… unto fiction.

dance, in it’s proximity [non-prostheticized relationship] to the human body, is an escape, a possibility of a fiction, or a shadow, of a darkness, of a “zone of non-knowledge”.

dance, like “aliveness”, finds it’s primacy in movement.

what is choreography?

[foaming]… choreography is a confusion: At-once/at-times a phenomenological observation and an imposition of form onto. choreography is a cover-story for what cannot be said to be understood. choreography is an understanding and interpretation.

working on how…

am I making choreographic sculpture both from and towards the materiality of dance.

I am thinking about story-telling, noise/listening, collection, dance, inherited trauma, telepathy, and choreography.